Brand Workshops

Embarking on a brand refresh or redesign? Perhaps you’re ready to evolve your brand, to make it more modern. Or perhaps your business needs a new brand identity altogether. Through our Brand Workshops, we’ll facilitate a strategic exploration of your company, from the bottom up. We’ll then give you feedback, actions and recommendations that equip you with the insights you need to grow your business.


Using our brand exploration process, we’ll help you to re-establish your brand’s story, and re-invigorate your identity. We’ll explore what brand elements are working for you and what needs to be changed. Covering your mission, values, perceptions, and competitors, we’ll create a refreshed identity that can be shared across your entire company. One that your existing customers, potential customers and employees can relate to.


Your brand’s tone of voice should be consistent throughout all written content. It’s an expression of your company’s personality, helping you to stand out from the crowd. We’ll look at your core values and target audiences, evaluating how they like to be communicated with. We’ll create messaging for all elements of your company and products, looking at ways to differentiate and positively express your brand’s personality.


A big part of the branding process is designing the logo and identifying the fonts and styles which work best for a particular market. A font has its own character and stands for a clear declaration; it makes the brand stand out and reflects your business. We’ll design a visual identity that complements your values and what your brand stands for.


Many companies breathe a sigh of relief when their brand has been created and launched. But, successful brand maintenance is a survival factor for all businesses. We’ll give advice and guidance or take on total management of your brand if you prefer, continually ensuring its relevance and connection to your desired target audience.


Your logo is a big part of the personality and identity of your business. The image you want to portray to the world forms your client’s opinions of who you are and decides whether they want to come back to you. Our talented team of designers will create a logo that makes people think of you.


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